Engraved shungite/ Hand painted/dragonfly and flowers/ 4" x 6" shungite stone


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Artist Doreen Gordon-Cooper loves to share her God given talent of drawing. Nature has inspired her many drawings. Naturally Doreen fell in love with creating her artwork on stone. Stone is unique in texture, colour and size to make this medium a true one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

Perfect to add to Doreens’ artwork on stone, her cousin Elaine has a health business Lymeware Inc. She has asked Doreen to create her artwork on stone that is said to have health benefits, Shungite Stone.

This item is my graphite drawing of a Dragonfly and flowers engraved and hand painted on Shungite stone. This stone is approx 4″ x 6″ rectangle piece. Each stone is truly one of a kind, no two pieces are alike. Shungite is a black stone with natural mineral veins throughout. It is a flat stone approx 1/4" thick with felt pads on the underside to protect furniture.

It is available in white green yellow or can be ordered in purple green white.

Shungite can be used in several ways. According to those who use it regularly, you can:
Infuse your water. Historically, shungite is used to purify water. You can use a shungite filter or place the stones in water for 2 to 3 days.
Wear it as jewelry. Like other stones, shungite is available as beads or pendants.
Carry it in your bag. This allows you to benefit from shungite’s healing properties when you’re on the go. Another option is to place the stone in your pocket.
Place it near EMF sources. Some people put the stone near electronic devices, like microwaves and Wi-Fi routers, to shield them from EMF.
Display shungite in your home. It’s recommended to put the stone near your bed to help you destress and improve your sleep.
Meditate with the stone. You can meditate near the stone or place it on your body.

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